PCL-America are proud to be at the forefront of LED lighting and power management in Columbus, Ohio. We specialise in the design and supply of products ranging from off the shelf lighting to complete custom installations. Our focus is to be at the forefront of technology and to find additional green technologies to compliment our LED lighting business.

We take great pride in our expertise, and our manufacturing partners are amongst the best in the world, ensuring PCL will become one of the foremost LED lighting suppliers in the area.

Replacing existing lighting installations with LED alternatives is a key part of our business, from a vintage style bulb to LED High-bay lighting for your warehouse, all are available from PCL-America.

Please feel free to ask for a no obligation quote and together we will reduce your utility costs by switching to LED today.

PCL products carry 5 year warranties, UL, DLC, and Energy Star approvals.

PCL Products are designed and manufactured to your specifications, and are eligible for the AEP Pre approved rebate incentives, meaning that our customers can apply for a rebate on their total improvement cost.

Please contact us for details. (614) 668-1272


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