LED lighting suits the office setting perfectly offering reduced costs and helping you to create the perfect working environment. The savings you make with LED lighting solutions are well documented and it may be possible to return your investment within a 1 to 5 year period. LED lights are normally easily retro fitted so you won’t be inconvenienced when upgrading to LED.

Savings aside LED lights contribute to making your office into a welcoming and worker friendly space. LED lights are silent, so a big improvement on a buzzing fluorescent, but they are also flicker free which is major factor in eliminating  migraines and headaches. LED lighting also makes a great impression, with clever design you will be beautifying your office space as well as promoting the well being of you employees.

The control offered by LED lighting is an important factor in its green credentials. With sensors you can automatically switch off lights until someone enters, perfect for corridors or rarely used areas. You can also dim lights dependent on the conditions or your needs. Manage your listing on a room by room basis or via a global control panel – LED lighting puts the control in your hands.

All Commercial fittings can be supplied with UL, DLC, Energy Star approvals, and 5 year warranties.

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