Industrial buildings bring out the best in LED lighting showcasing in both flexibility and performance. Often industrial facilities have high ceilings to accommodate machinery or shelving, which creates a challenge when lighting the space. Because the lighting is so high you need high power lighting units which result in high costs – LED lights typically save 80% on energy costs, a considerable amount when considering the cost to light these difficult areas.

Performance is also a key area where you will see big improvements. Large conventional lighting units can take a long time to fully illuminate – LED lights reach full brightness in less than a second. This means that you can keep low traffic areas on a motion sensor and have the lights turn on when someone is approaching the area. No more lighting unused areas in your industrial facility.

In addition to the improved durability and green advantages of LED lighting, a key improvement in an industrial setting is the low heat produced by LED lights. This means confined areas won’t require as much ventilation when compared to traditional light sources, this helps you to reduce your HVAC costs.

All Industrial fittings can be supplied with UL, DLC, Energy Star approvals, and 5 year warranties.

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