Lighting Projects

PCL provide the following services for your lighting project.

Energy Audits.

An Energy audit will determine where your largest savings can be achieved and provide an estimated ROI and payback.

Project planning and specification.

Once we determine where savings can be achieved, we will recommend the specific resources and products needed. Multiple options may be given in your proposal, with a full breakdown of the savings in a user friendly format. PCL will design and manufacture lighting for your project, custom design is available to ensure the very best possible product for your application.

Supply and installation Management.

PCL will supply lighting products to your specified destination. We can recommend, if requested, licensed and insured local installation contractors with product experience to help keep every project within time and budget constraints.

Project evaluation and continuous improvements.

After completing any lighting projects, we ensure that our products perform as expected. Sometimes our customers wish to upgrade or modify certain elements of their install to cater for different events and functions in their facilities. Consulting and on site product testing for facility upgrades and modification has ensured that our customers are satisfied with their installs.

Application of rebates and incentive programs.

PCL are an AEP OHIO preferred Energy savings Solution Provider.

We can apply incentives and rebates to reduce your total improvement cost and improve you ROI. (where applicable)


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