Why use LED Lighting in Municipal Areas?

It is estimated that street lighting accounts for around 8% of total electric consumption in the town and cities of the Western World and around 40% of Local Authority energy spending. LED lighting is the most cost effective form of lighting on a long term basis, and it can utilise solar panels, making it the obvious choice when upgrading current lighting.

However, in addition to the financial savings LED lighting offers other incomparable benefits. LED lights emit “white light” which has been proven to improve driver brake reaction time by at least 25% and help pedestrians to detect possible hazards on walkways and pavements. LED lights the ground and not the clouds with close to 100% of the light going downwards whereas conventional lighting sends a third of its light into the sky causing light pollution.

It is not only in street lighting where LED offers great benefits. Sensory capabilities means LED is perfect for car parks and public areas improving safety and security and crucially the long life of LED lights means there are great maintenance savings too.

All Municipal fittings can be supplied with UL, DLC, Energy Star approvals, and 5 year warranties.

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